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"Habibie & Ainun" the BEST Indonesian Movie of the year (ever after)

Habibie & Ainun

      Habibie & Ainun  is an Indonesian drama movie which was released on December 20, 2012. The film stars Reza Rahardian, Bunga Citra Lestari and Tio Pakusadewo. At launch, the film is witnessed by the 6th President of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, accompanied by the 16th Governor of Jakarta, Ir. H. Joko Widodo, and by the film's main character himself, the 3rd President of the Republic of Indonesia, Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie . The film is taken from a memoir written by Habibie about his late wife , Hasri Ainun Habibie, in books  "Habibie dan Ainun" before.

      This is a story about what happens when you find your soulmate. The story of first love and last love. The story of the third President of Indonesia and the Mother of Country. The story of Habibie and Ainun.
Rudy Habibie is an aircraft expert genius who has a big dream: to devote to the Indonesian people by making trucks flying to unify Indonesia. While Ainun was a smart young doctor with a career path wide open for her.
       In 1962, two junior colleagues met again in Bandung. Habibie fell in love with him instantly on Ainun by called her 'a sweet sugar'. But Ainun, he did not just fall in love, her faith in Habibie's vision and dream . They got married and flew to Germany.
       Have dreams will never be easy.  Habibie and Ainun  knew it. Their love built up the way to realize the dream. The cold snow German, sacrifice, pain, loneliness and temptations of wealth and power as they return to Indonesia accompany the journey of two lives into one.

       For Habibie, Ainun is everything. Ainun is his eyes to see the world. For Ainun, Habibie is everything, filling her life. But every story has an end, every dream has a limit. Then at one point, two lover realized it; Are they will be able to continue their love till forever?

Teaser 1 Habibie & Ainun

Teaser 2 Habibie & Ainun

     Fact about this movie.
 This is a real biography movie by the 3rd President of Indonesia, B.J. Habibie and Hasri Ainun Habibie , his lovely wife as the Mother of Country. I think this movie was very amazing and sooo sweet. :3 
I was speechless and couldn't hold my tears to fall, when Habibie had to lost his wife forever, but their love will never stop till the end. This movie had two language, Indonesian when Habibie in Indonesia and Deutsch when Habibie attended the doctor degree course also worked in Germany. He was my new inspiration to be more study hard and seriously thinking my future also my life vision. I learned so much from this movie, about the dream, education, faith, love, nationalism, history and patience when we get down and pressures. I officially recommend this great movie for you to watch. I swear that I will never bored watching movie.

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